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a bridge to the future

welcome to the yas foundation

a bridge to a brighter tomorrow

Welcome to the YAS Foundation: A place where philanthropic investment supports promising initiatives across academia, cultural connection, medical research and scholarship.

What makes our foundation distinctive is the ambition of founder Rouzbeh Yassini-Fard to bridge two seemingly disparate cultures: our modern-day USA and ancient Persia, the birthplace of so many vital contributions to the world, and to the civilizations that would follow.

Yassini believes with conviction that many of the precepts originating in Persia continue to present important, positive applications for the betterment of today’s world. From philosophy to windmills, from breakthroughs in mathematics to stirring poetry, from enlightenment in the sciences to breathtaking artwork, ancient Persia has contributed ingenuity, discipline, innovation and unbridled curiosity that resonates well beyond its origins. Innovation of currency, Irrigation systems, banking and the postal system are just some of key contributions to modern economies, all originated in Persia.

YAS Foundation supports individuals and organizations that embody these same values and exhibit unwavering determination to improve life conditions for every global citizen. The Foundation’s charitable contributions include grants and scholarships in support of causes that adhere to the founder’s mission.

The YAS Foundation reviews proposals primarily on an invitation-only basis. The foundation solicits information from possible grantees whose missions and operations align with the Founder’s funding priorities and philanthropic goals. The Foundation provides general operating, project, and capital support through annual and multi-year grants and does not typically make grants toward endowments.