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ARts and innovation

sculptures, pottery, jewelry, Cyrus Cuneiform,Medhi Taheri miniatures, Shahnameh,statues at un, Persepolis, tombs of hafez, cyrus Khayyám, Jondi Shapour,aqueduct…

The YAS Foundation’s Academic contributions draw inspiration from the world’s oldest university: Jondi Shapour University in the Iranian city of Dezful.

Jondi Shapour was built 1,700 years ago by Shapour I of Sassanid Dynasty, in the Persian Empire. Considered one of the world’s birthplaces of knowledge and wisdom, for centuries the university has served as a model for the study of medical sciences while empowering scholars, scientists and researchers from around the world.

The YAS Foundation has donated millions of dollars to universities and colleges including West Virginia University, Stanford University and the University of New Hampshire.  The Foundation provides both one-time and multi-year grants for programs such as: